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Animations for the tower defense app done by David Szmith

music Zoe Yang

Neca prisoner spaceship and drone that protects it. Trying to maintain it simple but still having elements that give it some sense of scale and how big it is. Is difficult designing vehicles! is just like shapes, but they need to have a reason or function too. Views and perspective need some fixes.

The Wild 6 - “The Brothers” El Gatt and Le Sabre

The boss for the junkyard level is…. a cat. But a cat with a vehicle robot! The cat here is the bossy one. the car robot have the mind of a bird

From the concepts shapes I choose some elements I like to give him a mean personality, but still a bit of cute. For the vehicle concepts I use some reference from 1950 cars like the Thunderbird, XM Turnpike and Le Sabre Buick.

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